Baby Parrots For Sale
Raised in a home, for a home.
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Welcome To Parrotise Parrot Place


Our baby parrots are "Raised in a home, for a home."
We hand feed & raise the nicest baby parrots that money can buy, backed by the greatest value in the industry!

Consider owning one of our baby parrots:
  • Parrots are loving and affectionate.
  • Parrots relieve stress.
  • Parrots are family pets.
  • Parrots are easy to care for.
  • Parrots have long life spans.
  • Parrots can enhance in value.
Why you should purchase your baby parrot from Parrotise:
  • FREE 24/7 Emergency Phone Number
  • FREE Behavioral Consultation
  • FREE Written Care & Feeding Instructions
  • FREE Written Behavioral techniques that maximize the pet quality & talking chances of your bird.
  • We can get almost any bird, almost any time of year!
  • And more!
Ask how we can save you money by special ordering a baby parrot from us!
We are members of the National Parrot Place Organization (NPPO) and have access to our very own private network of parrot breeders which allow us to offer African Greys, Amazons, Caiques, Cockatoos, Eclectus, Hyacinth Macaws and more! Our baby parrots are hand fed and socialized in our home to grow into the most wonderful companion parrot you can own! If you want the nicest baby parrot that money can buy, backed by the greatest value in the industry along with an unheard of one year limited warranty, then you are in the right place!
Most breeders & stores need to sell what is in stock to make room for more. We operate on a different business model. Our goal is to pair you with the parrot that is right for your lifestyle and personality. We offer a FREE SERVICE to help educate you into making a logical decision in choosing the right parrot for you.
When you see & hold one of our baby parrots you will want to own one!
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